GenMag™ Partners with AIDP to Share the Amazing Magtein®Story: A Breakthrough Form of Magnesium for Brain Health

Hillsborough County, FL (February 27, 2024)—GenMag™ is thrilled to work with AIDP to help tell the Magtein®story to consumers. GenMag™ eagerly embraces the opportunity to help consumers discover precisely why the Magtein® story is so compelling.

Magtein® stands out as a unique form of magnesium due to its patented design tailored to promote brain health and deliver cognitive health benefits. This specialized magnesium variant has garnered rapid popularity for its documented ability to enhance memory, learning, and cognitive performance by boosting brain magnesium levels. Additionally, Its meteoric popularity is fueled by its tangible impact on mental clarity, memory retention, and stress reduction, making it a sought-after choice for cognitive wellness enthusiasts.

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